Welcome to Saint-Cannat - au coeur de la Provence

Exceptional Holidays with Style and Distinction

for your Family and Friends

Welcome to our house, and the beauty of Saint Cannat!

In 2015, many ideas, dreams, and ambitions have merged to build a little vacation paradise which provides the platform for individual holidays, ensuring a feeling of luxury and comfort without being to prestiguous. A dream, initiated on a tour through northern Italy and the south of France in 1993, and fueled by many opportunities to discover the North Italian lakes, Toscany, Cote d’Azur, and in particular Provence and Carmargue, finally came alive. This dream merged with an almost lifelong interest in France; starting with a University degree in French studies, supported by many opportunities to live and work in various areas of France. These two tracks merged in 1996 leading to a marriage, consecutively many joint family vacations in France, and in particular in the region of Saint-Cannat, formed the idea of getting settled in that lovely area … What was intended as a “market study” in early 2015 to identify some attractive areas, and related opportunities, quickly turned into being introduced to the ideal place. Object 10 of a long-list of 25 properties, visited on the 10th of March 2015, hit home. Besides being very appealing in its design, it also impressed us most with its completeness and still high potential. The sales go-live was on May 5, 2015. We received final ownership of the house on June 15, and after well prepared 10 intense transformation days the first guests arrived on June 27, 2015. It is not just a house, or just a holiday spot. It is an inscenation of a talented architect who in 1994 designed this property for the first owners. It was plain land, at this point in time, with some trees on it. It has emerged since then, and we gave it the latest touch of enhancement. What you will be able to observe, once you are there, are the manifold inscenations of light, views, and effects which were created into an overall ensemble of pleasure and joy, combining nature with man-made objects. There are many different spots and locations worthwile discovering; each of them needs time to find, to discover in their meaning, to understand the ideas behind them, and the messages, experiences and sensations they provide. * The pool offers special light effects, provided by the sun, in the morning and afternoon. And by illumination in the night. * The garden has many spots, hidden behind hedges, each offering a secluded spot of tranquility or playfulness. * The park with its decades old trees (French Oak and Pines) provides shade, but also a variety of locations for playtime. * The orchard reflects a collection of fruit trees, but also links with the olive trees and our “jardin des cailloux”. * The lavender garden gives scent, provides beautifully changing colours over the year, and the humming sound of bees. * … and we leave it to your discovery talent to identify more ;-) The large house provides decent luxury for a larger group of people, ideally 4-6, but - if necessary - up to 8 people. The small house (”The cottage”) is a compact opportunity for 2, with a flexibility to accomodate up to 4 persons. Enjoy the impressions we have put together on this website. And please feel free to give us feedback on topics you miss, information you would like to see, and activities you are wondering about whether they are possible in this beautiful part of the world. And, of course, we would love to have you enticed enough to book your next holidays with us !
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