AIRPORT AND RAIL TRAVEL Saint-Cannat is very easy to reach by public transport - by airplane to Marseille airport, and by TGV to Aix- en-Provence. The airport is just 35 min away; if you take the scenic route via COUDOUX you will enjoy some very spectacular views from the hills over the overall Marseille basin, including the large interior lake “L’Etang de Berre”. But be careful, the road is very small and windy making its way up 150 m to climb from sea level to our area. The TGV station is as well just some 25 min away; the route via EGUILLES to CABRIES, that takes to you the main business area, LES MILLES, and the nearby train station. Very convenient to get directly from the car park to the train tracks….
SAINT-CANNAT Chemin de la Lecque 1050B
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Marseille Airport
TGV train station Aix-en-Provence
TGV train station Aix-en-Provence
Airport Marseille
Mont Saint Victoire
Saint Cannat
Mont Ventoux