THE GARDENS A generous lawn invites for all kind of activities, and when you are getting too hot, take a splash in the pool! Or decide to take advantage of the sunshine to rest in comfortable relaxing chairs. And when it‘s getting too hot, search for a nice seat at the shade of the veranda table, and enjoy the view into park and our own trees. Or watch your kids from a distance, while they enjoy playing in the pool, on the swings and slide, enjoy their own little garden house, or play hide and seek with plenty of opportunities to find undiscovered shelter. Our park will take you by surprise when you realize that the forest behind the lawn, behind a solid rock wall is also part of your holiday pleasures. It provides plenty of opportunities at every time of the day. Of course, it is the perfect playground for the kids. But also the adults find many opportunities for relaxation, while having a walk under shade spending trees, or go there for a drink to listen to the Zikades playing their relaxing songs. The Boule track under the trees invites for a match, for the adults as well as for the kids. Whether competition or just for fun, take your picnic with you, or think of the drinks you would like to have afterwards…. Click on the picture of our “boulodrome” to get the official game rules. We leave it to your creativity and discovery, what you would love to do at such an exceptional place!