RESTAURANTS You will find places to eat for all budgets, and for different tastes in Saint- Cannat: The range covers fine dining in the 3-star restaurant “Mas de Fouchon”, „Mas Bottero“, and classy food from a wood-fire oven at “Les Braises Rouges”, and a set of french brasseries. Lovely is Bar de Bailli at the town sqare, where you also find a Sushi place, and budget places like O’Tropical, or Pizza Drive. Click on the pictures to go to their websites. But, of course, you will find many more in villages nearby within a 10 min drive (Lambesc, Rognes, Pelissanne), in Salon and Aix-en-Provence, with a large variety of styles.
Mas de Fauchon 1666 Chemin de Berre Tel 0442 50 61 77
O’Tropical 75 Avenue Camille Pelletan Tel 0608 23 31 24 Open daily lunch  and evening
Le Mas Bottero 2340 Route d‘Aix RN7 Tel 0442 67 19 18
Bar de Bailli de Suffren 10 Place Gambetta Tel 0442 67 31 79
Plat du Jour at Bar de Bailli de Suffren
Micro-Brewery Petite Aixoise 705 Avenue de l‘Europe Tel 0630 34 68 56