MOTORBIKE TOURS 2 All destinations in the activities section are also excellent targets for planning a nice motorbike tour, especially Cassis, Route des Crêtes, Mont Ventoux, Bonnieux and Gordes. This one takes you high up over Lambesc and Pelisanne, and offers beautiful views as well as nice picknick locations. To find the „entrance“ in Lambesc is a bit tricky, you will need a navigation system to get you on the D67 direction Charleval. On the summit you will see the picknick location on the left. Continuing to Charleval take direction to La Roque d‘Antheron. Just before the village turn right at the sign „Lambesc“ - it is a very small sign at a small junction … and then follow the D67A, a true „partisan road“ to the summit to enjoy the views from the top. Don‘t miss to turn right to visit the „Monument des heroes du guerre“ - windy road, but also remarkable remembrance place, an ancient chapel, and great views. Spend some time there to explore scenic spots and the special spirit of the place.