STREET BIKE South of France is „heaven of race bicycles“ …. it is very popular in the area, so you might often find the opportunity to catch some company on the way. To my experience, all cyclists are happy if you want to join a group. For spare parts, but also for special hints on cool tours, go to the local „O2 bicycle store“ (click on the store photo for more information). What makes street cycling a really fascinating and pleasant experience in our area is the combination of wonderful routes, great destinations, street surface quality, and the many opportunies to orchestrate each ride different by taking different turns. You can go for just 30 min (which is really short ….), 1-2 hours, or longer tours. Many places on the route can cater for food and drink on longer stops; as cycling is really fashionable in our area you are always welcome. And make sure you take enough water on the ride, as the heat takes its toll …. Click on the maps below to get detailed instructions. For most routes it is not necessary to go into the city center; the detailed map will show you. In addition, here is a link to friends living a bit north in the southern Luberon who are also enthusiastic cyclists: